The Story of God


We want you to know the story of the Bible, the story of God. We want you to know this story because we believe it to be the story of all of us. Our lives are a part of what God is doing in our world. We believe the words of Scripture that tell us that God designed and created life, that all humans turn away from Him and His perfect ways, and that He is overflowing with love towards us.

So overflowing with love that He came to this world in the person of Jesus Christ. He lived among us, He was crucified by us for our sins, and God raised His body to life after three days in a tomb. This resurrection, this victory over death, could only be accomplished by a person without sin...and that one is Jesus Christ.

Watch the story below...

It is time for your story to become a part of God's story. Believe in Him today! Trust Him alone! It is only by faith that we are saved! Faith in God alone! "God demonstrates His love for us in this way: While we were sinners, Christ Jesus died for us!"