"And when they had appointed elders for them in every church, with prayer and fasting they committed them to the Lord in whom they had believed." - Acts 14:23

The Bible points to the role of local elders as the leaders of each church congregation.

CCC currently has 4 elders on our leadership team. Each one of our elders oversees one of our Ministry Areas (Love, Learn, Lead, Launch, and Support). Several New Testament passages give us the job description and personal qualifications for church elders. The basic picture Biblically is that elders should oversee the ministry activities of the church, and elders should guide church members, just as a shepherd cares for a flock.

Our current elders are Ben Ryon, Curt Riggs, Mike Mac Kenna, and Gary Wirth. You will find them active on Sunday mornings and they are glad to meet you. Ben Ryon oversees our Learn Ministry Area (Education and Children/Youth Ministry). Curt Riggs oversees our Love Ministry Area (Fellowship and Worship). Mike Mac Kenna oversees our Lead Ministry Area (Ministry Group and Activities). Gary Wirth oversees our Launch Ministry Area (Missions and Local Outreach).

CCC Ministry Areas

Church membership is an essential part of each person's spiritual growth. By joining in the work of the church, and supporting the church's leaders, we ensure that all the people of CCC are working towards one vision, under one united leadership team. You are welcome to be a long-term visitor, but know that our desire is to see each person love, learn, lead, and then launch!