There are churches all over town...what kind of Church is CCC?

We are simply...a Christian Church. We believe the Bible. We believe that God is a loving father, a great creator, and a powerful redeemer. We worship God each Sunday morning as we gather together. We are a church that seeks to be active in our community - helping, serving, giving, and loving people because God has so deeply loved us.

We are a church that loves our city, and we've got room for you! There are many churches in town, and we don't view ourselves as any better than anyone else or any other church. In fact, we have people at CCC who grew up in all different kinds of churches, but have found their way to CCC! We believe that unity among churches is important, and we celebrate the things that churches have in common, instead of emphasizing the things that set us apart.

What should I expect on a Sunday morning worship gathering?

Our Worship service is a mix of singing, prayer, and teaching from the Bible. We start by giving praise to God in song. Then we celebrate Communion together - also called the Lord's Supper. This is where we eat a small pinch of bread and drink a small thimble of grape juice. Jesus had bread and wine with His followers and he taught them to remember His body and His blood by eating the bread and drinking the wine. After Communion we give a few announcements and collect an offering. God has given to each one of us, and offering is a moment where we give back to the church to support the church's needs. Then we spend 30-40 minutes reading, studying, and teaching God's Word. Most of the time we are studying through a Book of the Bible. Then we close with a few more songs of praise.

Dress as casually and comfortably as you like. God looks at our hearts :)

What's happening at CCC?

We have a calendar of events page setup so that you can see what's going on. Our hope is that everyone at CCC will get involved in a few ways here and there. We can always use volunteers for events happening at church, but even more at some of the events that happen away from CCC. We would really love to see you at one of our Men's or Women's Bible studies!

Isn't church just about attending and making God happy?

No way. God isn't 'happy' just because we attend church. What pleases God is when we place our faith, our trust, our hope, in Him! We come to church because we have faith, and because we know we need encouragement from our friends and family of faith. If you attend church but don't have a heart of hope in God...you aren't accomplishing anything. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

What if I have deeper questions?

The best thing is to come to our Starting Point session on the first Sunday of each month. This is a short introduction to CCC with time for Questions and Answers. If you can't wait until then, email our lead minister, or come to one of our small group Bible studies. If you have questions, we will do everything we can to walk with you and see you growing in your relationship with God!