Summer Life


Summer Life at Community is 3 nights of clubs, fun, and talents for ages 3 up to 5th grade, where your kids get to pick what they do based on their own interests! Your child will choose 2 Tracks from our available list - pick an alternate as well, just in case a Track doesn't fill! Your kids can dance, play adventure games, get crafty, artsy, or achieve new heights in our STEM-Lab. There's even a fun with food track!

Each night of Summer Life will begin and end with an exciting gathering where we will worship God together before splitting up into our Tracks. We will have a great group of volunteer helpers on hand to make sure that each Summer Life kid gets the attention and help they need to fulfill their potential!

After 3 nights of tracks on Sunday-Tuesday, families are invited on Wednesday night for a free meal while your kids will show off the skills and talents they learned during Summer Life.

Some tracks will have age requirements to make the most of their track meeting time! Sign up below for 2 tracks and an alternative!

Read below for Track descriptions! Sign up based on the grade your child is entering in the Fall 2019 school year.

Summer Life Registration

Choose 2 tracks plus an alternate. Don't forget your shirt size, too!
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Summer Life Tracks

For Kids entering PreK up to 1st Grade:

Watercolor Art - Artists and amateurs alike are invited to brush the day away with whimsical watercolor designs. Learn some basics of art and color combination while your inspirations come to life on the canvas.

Dance - Spend a few days learning new and exciting dance combinations. Some people just feel the beat of the music on the inside! Tighten up those laces and learn some new moves!

Sports and Skills - So you're an aspiring athlete? Don't let your skills become dull over summer break! Sharpen them up at our sports and skills track! You'll be ahead of the pack.

Fun with Food  - Play with your food and build your own snack! Community's creative and culinary artists will show kids how to have a fun time making awesome edibles!

Creative Crafts - There's a world of crafty creations at your fingertips in our Creative Crafts track. Make fabric and paper come to life and bring home a treasure that is uniquely you!

For Kids entering 2nd-5th Grades Only:

Adventure Games - Ready for a challenge? Adventure games will put your team work and leadership skills to the test. Zombie battle field? Survival island? Now that we have your attention, sign up for Adventure Games!

STEMLab - If you like gadgets, technology, and problem solving, then we need you in our STEMLab. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math aren't taking a summer break, so neither should you!