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"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?" - Romans 10:14

Welcome to our online sermon bank! All of our most recent sermons online, along with some of our most popular and essential sermon messages. If you miss a week of worship at CCC, you can search up a sermon that you may have missed! Or maybe you'd like to hear some of our teaching before your come and visit! You'll find our Sermon Notes available for download as well. You can also view some of our sermons online at our Vimeo channel.

Our sermons are listed by series with the most recent first. At the bottom of the list, you'll find a drop down menu with our entire sermon bank. May God bless the hearing of His Word.

CCC Sermon Library

Growing A Heart For God - David's Life

Growing a heart for God by observing the life of King David of Israel

  • Growing 8 - A Heart For God View

    PJ Condit - November 24, 2019

    Towards the end of his life, David demonstrates his heart for God in a few remarkable events. We...
  • Growing 7 - Wisdom When Wounded View

    PJ Condit - November 17, 2019

    Sometimes life hurts. People wound us, our feelings get hurt, and our ego is bruised. This can be...
  • Growing 6 - Covenant Kingdom View

    PJ Condit - November 10, 2019

    Promises, promises...Have you ever pinky-sweared with a bestie? God believes in the power of...
  • Growing 5 - Epic Failure View

    Ryan Trask - November 03, 2019

    Stories have ups and downs. Great stories might even have tragic failures and epic disasters. Our...
  • Growing 4 - Into The Wild View

    PJ Condit - October 27, 2019

    Life isn't always wildflowers and sunny skies. Sometimes life gets wild. The volume gets turned...
  • Growing 3 - A Friend In Need View

    PJ Condit - October 20, 2019

    David and Jonathan are the premier example in the Bible of friends. Not just the kind of friends...
  • Growing 2 - The Unlikely King View

    PJ Condit - October 13, 2019

    David is about to step into the scene...but he's overlooked, unqualified, and...he has a baby...
  • Growing 1 - Every Story Has A History View

    PJ Condit - October 06, 2019

    The Bible tells an amazing matter how many times people get things wrong...God is...