Then the disciples of John came to him, saying, “Why do we and the Pharisees fast, but your disciples do not fast?” - Matthew 9:14

It's pretty cool to see in scripture...people asked Jesus a lot of questions. And He gave them answers.

God delights in our questions. God delights in our seeking. He is a treasure to be found, and His knowledge and truth is endless!

We will be answering your questions for a few weeks beginning April 8th. Here is a run down of our topics for the upcoming 4 weeks:
- April 8th - Questions about Faith and Salvation
     Why does God forgive us? What was the plan of salvation before Jesus? Were Jewish people saved by following the Law? What should we do with the Old Testament? How can we be the light to the world when we mess up? How do we share our testimony with others who do not believe?

- April 15th - Questions about Living the Christian Faith
     What does the Bible teach about balancing a career and family and social lives while also being devout? Can a devoted Christian really be a highly successful business leader? Is it okay to want something other than a marriage and children? What advice do you have for someone dealing with jealousy? How do I give something I'm obsessing over, or struggling with, over to God? How do you put someone on the right track of submitting to God?

- April 22nd - Questions about Church Practices and Beliefs
     Who can baptize another person? What is the history and significance of communion? Who should take it, serve it, etc? There were amazing gifts displayed in the early church...are those same gifts still available to us?

April 29th - Creation and Bible Questions
     Genesis 1 and 2 are confusing to me...why are there 2 stories of creation? Can you explain the 'expanse' and 'waters' in the sky and heavens in Genesis 1? Why does God seem so different in the Old Testament and New Testament? Why does God speak so often to people in the Bible but not in today's world? Is there a difference between saying Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus?

There is still time for additional questions - so send them in! Email or use the anonymous form below.

You Asked For It

Send us your questions...we'll begin answering on April 8th!